A Quick Guide on Dermal Fillers

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Nowadays, the market for cosmetic procedures grows worldwide and continues to do so each day. One of them is the use of dermal fillers, also known as injectable fillers. 

Before undergoing this treatment, it is best to know the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and acts as the outer surface that protects us from the sun, bacteria, physical trauma, and other environmental stressors. In order to preserve the elasticity of the skin, taking preventive measures is the best course of action. Wearing sunscreen with SPF, UVA, and UVB properties are necessary to protect the skin from sun damage. This protection delays the formation of wrinkles and keeps the skin looking young for a while. However, the process of aging is inevitable. Despite using sunscreen and performing other preventive practices, the skin will reach the point of aging. Collagen, a natural substance produced by the body lessens in production as people age. Collagen keeps the skin elastic, supple, and younger-looking. When collagen depletes, and the skin starts to sag, that is where dermal fillers come into play. 

dermal fillers treatment

What is the goal of dermal fillers?

The goal of dermal fillers is to restore lost volume to the face. The active ingredients will straighten out the wrinkled parts of the face. Furthermore, these ingredients can also be used on the hands and the earlobes to prevent drooping and sagging.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are safe, efficient, and highly effective when it comes to delivering results. In the US, dermal fillers are highly regulated medical devices that need to pass specific safety criteria before it could be administered. If you are thinking of plumping up your face with the help of dermal fillers, make sure that you are receiving treatment from a trusted and reliable expert. Here at Buffalo Creek Dental, rest assured that the Dermal Fillers we use are FDA approved for a safe and effective treatment.

Do you need to get consulted before availing treatment?

Absolutely! Proper consultation and discussion on the matter reap the most fruitful results. Adequate preparation before the actual procedure is necessary. The patient’s face will be evaluated, and options on the type of fillers will be given. The consultation will provide the patients with a realistic expectation of what will happen before, during, and after the procedure.

Restore your youth and vitality through a safe and efficient non-surgical treatment! We at Buffalo Creek Dental offer Dermal Fillers in Mustang, OK to give you back that vibrant glow. Find us at 201 S. Sara Road, #140, Mustang, OK 73064.