Six Month Smiles: Changing the Way You See Orthodontics

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Due to perception about orthodontics, most people who are advised to get braces can only think about the metal contraptions that are being worn for a year or so. But with the advances in technology, there are now several ways available for people to achieve straighter and healthier teeth. One example is a new approach that follows the same concept as the traditional treatment but in a more improved form. What makes it so different is, instead of metal brackets and wires, clear and tooth-colored materials are being used. And undergoing the procedure does not mean the patient should endure a year or two, results can be achieved in six months or even less!

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At Buffalo Creek Dental, we offer Six Month Smiles which is a type of accelerated orthodontic treatment that can give patients the chance to get their dream smiles in a significantly lesser amount of time. Does this sound too good to be true? Know that with the help of the said approach, patients can be more confident during the treatment and, especially after they got the results they have always desired.

What Makes Six Month Smiles Unique?

Although Six Month Smiles may look like traditional braces, know that the brackets and wires used are specially designed to address a short-term orthodontic approach. Know what makes these components different.


These components are not simply bonded on the teeth, their placement and angle have been planned, especially on the particular areas where there are cosmetic issues. What makes it more favorable is its translucency that most patients find highly ideal.


Instead of using the usual metal, Six Month Smiles opted for a tooth-colored wire to offer better aesthetics with the transparent brackets. But aside from appearance, the wires are also reliable in applying a gentle and constant force to move the teeth effectively, thanks to it having a shape memory feature. With the help of Lucid Lok wires, the need for enamel reduction has been reduced.

Aside from giving people their dream smiles, the orthodontic approach also help people in keeping their oral health in shape. By having the teeth straightened, not to mention in a much faster pace, patients will be able to clean the nooks and crannies that are initially inaccessible.

No need to endure years of having a mouthful of metals! Get your dream smile in just six months by availing of Six Month Smiles in Mustang, OK at Buffalo Creek Dental. Call or visit us at 201 S. Sara Road, #140, Mustang, OK 73064 to get started.