Things to Ask Before Considering Teeth Whitening Treatments in Mustang, OK

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Stains on the teeth are always unattractive to look at; that is why we do not blame patients if they are head over heels about having a white smile. In fact, we support them throughout their teeth whitening journey. We provide them with two choices in our dental clinic: KöR Teeth Whitening and Opalescence. The first option uses high-potency gels, which are refrigerated to deliver the best results. The second alternative, just like KöR Teeth Whitening, utilizes whiteners that can activate on their own even without the use of lights. Both of them delivers impressive bleaching effects in a single sitting (for in-office). They also have at-home kits so patients can brighten up their smiles in their homes.

teeth whitening treatment

Our dentist at Buffalo Creek Dental can help patients decide which among the two brands can work for them. However, before investing in any type of teeth whitening treatments, it is better for patients to ask these questions to the dental professional first:

Is a professional teeth-whitening safe?

The treatment doesn’t involve surgical procedures, so it is considered noninvasive. However, teeth whitening that is not done by a licensed individual can be risky. The whiteners can spread all over the gums, causing damages and irritations if the pink tissues are not well-protected. Choose a dental professional who is expert in this field, therefore.

Is teeth whitening possible to orthodontic patients?

Let’s say you have braces and would want to whiten your teeth, will you be able to do it so? The answer is YES. However, expect that the whitening result is not even considering that the areas where the brackets are bonded are difficult to be whitened. Chances are, after finishing your orthodontic treatment, you will need to set another teeth whitening appointment at the dentist to counter the yellow parts of your teeth.

How white will the teeth be after the treatment?

Each teeth whitening brands deliver different brightening effects to the teeth. Depending on which type the patients choose, they can lighten the shades of their teeth for up to eight times. Take note that there are types of discolorations that teeth whitening treatment can’t fix. In an instance where the discolored tooth is not anymore repairable by the whitening agent, our practice can offer other solution, dental veneers.

When should patients avail teeth whitening treatments if they are preparing for a ‘big day’?

Those who have upcoming special events—a wedding or family reunion, for instance—can whiten their teeth at the dentist anytime they want, even a day before their big day! In-office teeth whitening treatment delivers a favorable result in an instant. After an hour of being in the dental chair, patients can get their desired smile shades.

Now that you already have an idea of what to expect and ask before opting in a teeth whitening treatment, we at Buffalo Creek Dental invite you to set a consultation for Teeth Whitening in Mustang, OK. Our office is located at 201 S. Sara Road, #140, Mustang, OK 73064.