Tips for a Healthy Smile This Christmas in Mustang, OK

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One, two, or three more blinks, Christmas is indeed coming! Are you excited to frolic in parties and attend afternoon drinks with friends or colleagues? Perhaps, you’re too lazy to go outside and battle with the frosty weather, so grabbing a cup of tea or chocolate bars while cuddling with your fuzzy blanket might probably be your best choice.

Festivities and quiet moments: these are two reasons why Christmas is so special and heartwarming. But despite these, the yuletide season might also place some risks, especially to the oral health, if you are not careful enough. Buffalo Creek Dental is here to help you overcome the potential occurrence of cavities and oral problems associated with the holiday season.


Dental Checkup


Tips From Us At Buffalo Creek Dental

Prepare your paper and pen, take note of these tips, and go enjoy a healthy smile throughout the Christmas!

Give yourself a new…toothbrush!

Frayed brushes. Is that even a toothbrush? Your pearly whites deserve the right care, and the old teeth cleaning tool cannot deliver it. Toothbrushes are meant to be replaced every three to four months or as soon as they are worn out.

Stop using your teeth as tools

‘Tis the season to be jolly, no to be “silly” so just stop replacing your scissors with your chompers! Unless you don’t want a chipped tooth after the celebration, you should refrain from opening gift packets with your teeth.

Visit us at Buffalo Creek Dental for checkups

Give your smile a merry Christmas by visiting our dental office for a regular dental checkup. Here at Buffalo Creek Dental, we welcome new patients with gladness and generosity. Did you know that you can avail of our dental check-up services which include x-ray, exams, and cleanings for as low as $88? There’s more! Since Christmas is all about giving, we are happy to provide you with a FREE teeth whitening treatment upon undergoing the complete checkup. This promo is only exclusive for new patients and will expire on the 25th of December 2018, so hurry up now!

Ensuring the condition of your oral health should not only be done this Christmas. It is a task that everyone needs to accomplish every single day. Proper oral hygiene, regular dental appointment, and a healthy lifestyle can all contribute to the healthy state of your smile.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Regular Checkups in Mustang, OK. Book your appointment with us at Buffalo Creek Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!