Tooth-Colored Fillings: Tips to Lengthen Their Life Span – Mustang, OK

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There are many benefits that people can get if they have their decayed-tooth filled. They can stop the progression of cavities, avoid oral malodor caused by tooth decay, and even decrease their needs of getting root canal treatment in the future. However, patients cannot just choose any dental fillings for their affected pearly white. Our dentist at Buffalo Creek Dental encourages patients to invest in a tooth-colored type of dental fillings. This option is made from composite-resin—not amalgam—so patients’ safety is guaranteed.


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Here are the reasons why tooth-colored fillings have a great edge compared to the other alternatives:

Composite fillings have no mercury

Silver fillings gained a negative impression to many because of their mercury content. This substance is believed to be toxic, especially to children. Luckily, tooth-colored fillings are free from the said material, so they are completely safe.

Tooth-colored fillings appear invisible in the teeth

Since the color of composite fillings resembles the natural teeth, other people will not notice the fillings in the patient’s mouth.

The said dental fillings offer long-lasting results

Tooth-colored fillings can last for years, approximately ten years if they are well-taken cared of. Below are the things that patients need to do to ensure the excellent longevity of their fillings:

  • Do not munch foods on the areas where the fillings are placed for the first twenty-four hours. Wait for a day where the filling material completely hardens before using the filled tooth when eating.
  • Stop biting on ice and other hard objects. This practice can break or fracture the tooth-colored fillings.
  • Do not neglect regular dental visits to keep the condition of tooth-colored fillings in great shape as well as the healthy state of the teeth.
  • Take note that composite fillings are not stain-resistant. Be careful when drinking colored beverages. As much as possible limit them in your diet; or better yet, get a good drinking straw when quenching such drinks.
  • Always observe the right oral hygiene practices.

These are just some of the important post-treatment care tips for tooth-colored fillings. For more instructions concerning this dental service, feel free to talk to our dentists.


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