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The look of a person’s teeth and the overall appearance of their smile is often one of the first things that others will notice. Cosmetic dental treatments can go a long way towards helping our patients achieve better, more pleasing smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Mustang

The team at Buffalo Creek Dental consider cosmetic treatments to be of the utmost importance. We take tremendous pride in working with our patients so that they can obtain gorgeous smiles that they are proud to show off.

There are many reasons why a patient might want to receive cosmetic treatments. Some might want to brighten and whiten their smile. Others might want to improve the spacing and alignment of their teeth and hide worn-down tooth enamel. And other patients might want to reduce the wrinkles and creases on their face or improve their lip volume. Our practice is prepared to help patients with all of these.

Our facility in Mustang offers the following cosmetic dental treatments:

  • Teeth Whitening: The discoloration of teeth is a problem that commonly occurs when a person gets older. The outer tooth enamel becomes thinner and worn-down with use, and it exposes more of the dentin that is inside of teeth. The outside of teeth also can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Teeth whitening treatments attack both the interior and exterior staining of teeth in order to make them appear whiter. We offer Opalescence and KöR whitening treatments.
  • Veneers: Custom-made veneers can hide a patient’s worn-down tooth enamel and adjust spacing and contour. These restorations are thin shells placed on the front surface of teeth to improve their overall appearance. Veneers are great for covering-up damaged enamel, reducing gaps, making teeth appear less crooked, and even providing color enhancements. Our practice offers options for Traditional, Porcelain, Composite, Empress and EMAX Veneers.
  • Dermal Fillers: Patients who want to reduce wrinkles and improve facial contours can often receive excellent results with dermal fillers. These are special injectable solutions that can serve a number of purposes in helping a patient achieve a fuller, younger-looking face. A patient may also receive dermal fillers to enhance lip volume, soften creases, reconstruct deformities and even reduce scarring.

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Five stars

Chris M.

Wonderful office! The doctor and staff truly care about you as a person. They are compassionate, skilled, and thorough. Would definitely recommend!
Five stars

Lawrence H.

Would definitely recommend going here, the office is brand new. Very bright and clean, and the staff is friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable, which is something that not many dentist offices do.
Five stars

Amber F.

Thank you for a very pleasant trip to the Dentist! :)
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Dr. Jon Barnes
Dr. Barnes truly enjoys building relationships with his patients and working with his hands to help them achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile!

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