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Crowns and bridges are provided for patients who have lost or severely damaged one or more of their teeth. As a custom-made restoration, a crown or bridge will effectively restore both function and appearance.

Dental Crowns & Bridges in Mustang

While damaging a tooth or losing one entirely can be a very troubling situation, the experts at Buffalo Creek Dental are ready to help patients overcome this problem and improve their oral health.

Whenever a patient receives a crown or a bridge, they will need to make a minimum of two visits to our practice. Since these are custom-made restorations, we have to take impressions of the patient’s teeth and then build it in a dental laboratory. The patient will then return for a second visit to have the restoration applied. We build our crowns and bridges from porcelain which is known for its natural look and great performance.


A dental crowns is applied over a severely damaged or weakened tooth or at the site of a lost tooth. This will restore function and appearance. If the crown is restoring a damaged tooth, it will “cap” the existing structure. This will typically require prepping the damaged tooth beforehand. Using a crown in this fashion will prevent further fractures and breakages while also providing a natural appearance. If the crown is replacing a lost tooth, then the crown itself will serve as the new tooth. In that case, the crown would need to be supported by using a dental implant that has been surgically placed in the jaw. We may also apply a dental crown to serve as support for a dental bridge.


Dental bridges are typically used when a patient is missing multiple teeth in a row. This type of restoration consists of multiple parts. The center of a bridge consists of one or more replacement teeth that “bridge” the gap. At each end of the bridge is a supporting crown placed on a healthy tooth. A bridge may also receive support from one or more dental implants. Each component of the dental bridge will be custom-made to provide a natural appearance and superb functionality.

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Wonderful office! The doctor and staff truly care about you as a person. They are compassionate, skilled, and thorough. Would definitely recommend!
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Would definitely recommend going here, the office is brand new. Very bright and clean, and the staff is friendly and professional. They made me feel comfortable, which is something that not many dentist offices do.
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Thank you for a very pleasant trip to the Dentist! :)
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