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Sealants are used to protect the molars from tooth decay and deterioration. This preventive treatment is a thin, plastic coating that is painted over the surface of the teeth to serve as an effective barrier against bacteria and plaque.

Dental Sealants in Mustang

The back teeth have deep grooves and pits on the chewing surface where food particles can become trapped. This leads to the growth of bacteria and ultimately, tooth decay. When dental sealants are painted over this part of the tooth, it creates a barrier to keep the bacteria out and make the surface easier to clean.

Sealants are very quick and easy to apply. We start by cleaning any tooth that is set to receive sealing treatment. This is done to ensure that no unwanted matter becomes trapped under the sealants. We then use an acidic etching gel to roughen the outer surfaces of the teeth so that the sealants can bond more easily. Next, the teeth are dried, and the sealant coating is carefully painted on. The coating is allowed to harden so that it can form an effective barrier.

Sealants are most commonly used for children and teens, but they can also be effective for adults who are at high risk for decay.

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